The Story - Paw Prints on our hearts

Chapter 1 - Just Starting Out

Alfred at 8 weeks old

Hi, my name is Alfred and I am a Bernese Mountain dog puppy and when this picture was taken I was just 8 weeks old. My original name was Alan, which is the same as my human Daddyís middle name. My human parents put my name Alan together with the name of another older Bernese Mountain dog they knew that was special to them named Fred and my new name became Alfred. They sometimes call me Alf and at other times Alfa Doodle or just Doodles.


My new parents loved me so much that the very next day after getting me, they traveled back to where I used to live and came home with another Bernese Mountain dog for me to play with and to grow up with. They named her Freda and she is the same age as me. Here we are sleeping next to the stove in the living room. Thatís me on the right and my sister Freda is on the left.

We used to live on an Amish farm with an Amish family and were surrounded by children who played with us until we were old enough to leave the farm. On the day my human parents came to get me, they were just in time to see a newborn Colt that had been born the night before in the barn.

At our new home there are three other dogs that we can play with named Shadow, Cedar and Tiny. There are also some cats named Asia, Buddy and Oreo. Jim and Jeannette are our human parents and they have a puppy, sorry I meant to say kid named Jennifer. They like to go to a place called Dave and Busters and play games. Jim has gotten really good at some of the games and has accumulated a lot of toys. In the past our family would give out toys, mostly teddy bears to children during the holidays but now we have so many toys we need to give them out year round.

Freda and Alfred at 8 weeks old
Alfred at almost 6 months old

Our parents thought it would be a good idea if we could go visit children in the hospital and give out the toys we have, but we first have to go to school to learn how to be very good when we visit a children hospital. We understand because as we get older we are going to be big dogs and we will need to behave.

While we attend our classes we thought we would start out by sending a stuffed toy that kind of looks like we do for you to enjoy. By the way, thatís me above. I am now almost a half-year old and weigh around 40 pounds. Thatís my sister Freda on the right; she just loves to get in trouble and the reason we have to go to school. Only kidding! All therapy dogs need to go to school.


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Freda at almost 6 months old