The Story - Paw Prints on our hearts

Chapter 2 - Puppy Class

As you recall my name is Alfred and I am a Bernese Mountain Dog. I am now over 6 months old and have just graduated from what you might call first grade. Unlike school for children we only had to go for 8 weeks at the local pet store. We were taught some of the things most every puppy is taught like sit, lay down and give paw but we were taught much more like stay and come. Stay is important because it would keep us from running into traffic or chasing a squirrel. Come is very important in case we were to run ahead of our human parents in a place like the park and they needed us to come back to them. Our lessons were sometimes mixed with fun and games and prizes were given to the winner. We played musical chairs with our parents and when the music stopped we had to sit. As soon as we did our parents could sit in an open chair. While neither of us won, Freda did better then me and took third place.

Alfred graduating puppy class

A puppy friend

I did better then her on the last night of class when all the puppies in class had to do their best trick. I rolled over for my human mommy and Freda…….well Freda just laid on the floor for our human Daddy when Bob the teacher was ready to see her best trick. We joked that Freda was playing dead and the class all laughed. I thought I saw one of the puppies cover their eyes as if to say, oh no Freda’s not paying attention in class again.


We met a lot of new puppy friends like Moose, a cute brown and white puppy that won most of the individual contests during our schooling. There was also Cocoa, Benny and Jock to name a few. One of our new friends that graduated with us can be seen on the left.

While I was normally a good student I could not help but bark at my classmates when Freda would decide it was time to let the other puppies know she was the big puppy in class with the loudest bark. We both got into trouble for barking so much.


My sister Freda graduated too but I am not sure how. Most of the time Freda was not paying attention. That’s me up above  proudly wearing my graduation cap. Freda is pictured wearing her graduation cap while lying on the floor sleeping. I guess she’s dreaming of second grade and all the new puppy friends she will play with, learn with and of course bark at. After a short vacation we will return to school for more lessons on our way to becoming therapy dogs and visiting children’s hospitals.

Freda sleeping through the graduation ceremony

Freda's diploma

Just in case you did not believe me and you think my human parents just put the graduation cap on her head while she was sleeping I included a copy of her graduation diploma for you to see.


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