The Story - Paw Prints on our hearts

Chapter 3 - Special People

While we are vacationing and spending our time off digging holes in the yard and getting as dirty as possible I thought I might tell you a little bit about our human parents and the way they met.

Jim, our human Daddy and Jeannette our human Mommy met in a most unlikely way. They met on the computer on a website called MSN. Jeannette had almost lost hope of finding someone and Jim was getting ready to put away the old computer he used for this dating site but before he did he saw someone had sent him an e-mail. Upon reading this e-mail he wrote back to Jeannette and they started talking, first only by e-mail and then on the phone. They sometimes spoke to each other for hours and learned allot about each other. It seems Jeannette liked Cinderella and Prince Charming and Jim loved Disney World in Florida.

Kingda Ka - Great Adventure - Jackson NJ

When they decided it was time to meet in person, Jim wanted to make their first meeting a very special one. Although Jim had not even seen a picture of Jeannette he knew from the many conversations he had with her that she was a special person and the way she looked would not matter. Jim kept the first date plans a secret only saying he would arrive to pick her up in a white chariot. On that special day when they first met Jim arrived in a chauffer driven white limousine for their trip to an amusement park. That's right an amusement park named Great Adventure. Jim even went so far as to have gotten a Fast Pass so they would not have to wait in any lines. The way I hear it, Mommy wasn't a big fan of the roller coasters but went on everyone of them with exception to Kingda Ka, the tallest fastest roller coaster in the country! It wasn't that she was afraid but rather that it had broken while they waited in line. Daddy finished off the day with a nice dinner and the first date was a success.

Disney's Cinderella castle

Jim and Jeannette dated for several months while Jim thought of a good way to propose to Jeannette and ask her to marry him. Jim asked Jeannette if she would like to bring Jennifer along on a trip to Disney World. You remember Jennifer don't you? She's Jeannette's puppy, sorry again, I meant to say child. Jim had it all planned. He had bought an engagement ring and tucked into his luggage for the flight to Florida. Jim had made dinner reservations at Cinderella's castle in the Magic Kingdom and had made special arrangements with the staff their to help him with his proposal. After they had completed their dinner, the waitress brought out a very special desert for Jeannette while another Disney cast member filmed the whole thing. 

A covered desert plate held a diamond ring in a glass slipper surrounded in Rose petals and another had a desert with the words will you marry me written in chocolate around the outside of the plate. Jeannette, fighting back tears of joy said yes, yes she would marry him. Jim also gave Jennifer a necklace with a heart on it so that she too would always have a piece of his heart. As they all exited Cinderella's castle at the end of the night the fireworks show began for which they had a front row seat.

"Will you Marry me" desert at Cinderella's castle

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