The Story - Paw Prints on our hearts

Chapter 5 - Back to School

Well we did it Freda and I graduated! from what you might call Junior High.

Just like in schools for children we first practiced what we learned in puppy school, what you might call Elementary School before moving unto more difficult lessons. Now that we are older we are expected to behave even better then we did before. We are now 9 months old and weigh around 70 pounds each.

We had Bob teaching us again and our new classmates included Einstein the Beagle and Genevieve the, I'm not quite sure but she was good looking. There were only the four of us in class and we were all well behaved. Well all except Freda who would rather just played during class.

Boy did we learn allot. If you could see what we learned you would be so happy. We are even better at sitting, staying, laying down and coming when called. Bob made each lesson a little harder. Now when were sitting and staying Bob our teacher tries to get us to move by playing with toys and making noises around us but it doesn't work because we learned not to.

Before when we would have to "come" when called we simply ran down a store isle back to our human mommy or daddy or sometimes their puppy. oops, I meant their daughter Jennifer. Now there are toys, bones, snacks and even Bob the teacher in the middle of the isle squeaking a toy to distract us. Believe it or not, when it was my Sister Freda's turn she first ran down the isle to Jennifer and then Back to Jim without touching a thing! She passed with flying colors. When it was my turn, I stopped to play with each toy, sniff all the bones and even stopped to play with Bob.

On our last day of class before graduating we had to walk real nice for our human Mommy and Daddy. Mommy had me and Daddy had Alfred. Bob the teacher gave my Mommy a spoon with a tiny ball she had to balance on the spoon while holding my leash and taking me for a walk. I had to walk real nice so that I did not yank on my leash causing the ball to fall off the spoon. I think is was harder for my Mommy to walk with just the spoon and the ball then it was to walk me too because I was really, really good and only made the ball fall once. All the other times the ball fell I think Mommy was losing her balance and dropping it. Each time the ball fell we had to go back to the beginning and start over. Daddy and Freda did real good with this trick and we both graduated and received our diplomas.

Soon we will start our advanced class that will be allot like going to High School and then it won't be long before we can become therapy dogs.

Check back here shortly, we will be adding graduation photos and believe it or not Freda sat up for this one!.